When we think of mindfulness, we often think of an activity done to benefit ourselves. It’s about finding your serenity. Bringing yourself peace. That being said, mindfulness is incredibly important when interacting with another person – and especially when you are flirting. First, what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is when youRead More →

The First Impression A first impression is important, but it should not be everything. Often someone who does not strike you as perfect at the first sight can become your perfect match if you can see past your prejudices. Often your first reaction to someone is based on how muchRead More →

It’s easy to get nervous while flirting or on a date. Here are some tips on things to say while out with that special someone. Be a Friend The key to dating is that you want to be COMFORTABLE with each other. This shouldn’t be about putting each other onRead More →

The environment sets the mood! Here are a few ideas of where to go on a date. Go Casual Don´t make your first date be the most fancy dress event you can think of, in a pressured situation at a ritzy restaurant. Go for something casual – a walk onRead More →