What to Say – Dating Tips

It’s easy to get nervous while flirting or on a date. Here are some tips on things to say while out with that special someone.

Be a Friend

The key to dating is that you want to be COMFORTABLE with each other. This shouldn’t be about putting each other on a pedestal, about idolizing each other. You want to be able to snuggle up together, to wrap your arms around each other, to talk about anything. So start talking! Tell your date about the things you enjoy in life. Ask your date about his/her interests. This person should be your friend, if you’re dating. So talk to him/her as you would to a good friend! Share your hopes, dreams, talk about family and school, comment on TV shows and music. The more you share, the closer you become.

Ask About a Dream House

You can learn a TON about a person by asking what their dream house would be! Would it be in the city, in the country, on the beach, by the ocean? Would it be a giant marble mansion, or a Victorian gingerbread-style creation, or a modern glass-filled wonder? Would it be furnished with oak furniture, or high-tech toys, or lots of snuggly furniture? You can probably spend weeks talking about what the ideal house would be like, and learn quite a lot about the person in the process.

Comfort Foods

What is a comfort food? It´s a food that makes a person feel “relaxed and comfortable”. It´s the rice pudding that reminds the person of being at Grandma´s house, where it was always quiet and loving. It´s the mashed potatoes that are covered with gravy, that make a person think of Thanksgiving and family all around. It´s different for every person, but every person has one or two comfort foods. Remember, these aren´t *favorite* foods. They´re the foods that a person reaches for when stressed, that make them feel safe and cozy. If you learn what someone´s comfort foods are, you can be ready if that person needs comfort someday!

Day Tripping

Find out what ´day trip´ your partner has always thought about doing but just never got around to it. Most of us have one or two one-day-only things we´ve got on a list in our head. This not only will get your partner talking, but also might give you a great idea for what you can do together some weekend!

Favorite Couple

Want some insight into what someone wants out of a mate? Ask what his/her favorite couple is. Is it an old-time romance, with gentility and grace? Is it a modern-day spitfire romance, full of passion and flame? You´ll get a sense of just what they are looking for in life.

Frightening Movies and Books

Want to learn a lot about a person? Ask them what *scares* them. What was the scariest movie they saw as a child? What book keeps them up at nights? You will probably find that something the person saw as a child *still* affects them even now. I know several people who don´t like to swim because they saw Jaws when they were little! You might gain some valuable insight into the person, learning something that few others would know.

If I Had a Million Dollars …

Everyone dreams about winning the lottery and having enough money to do just about anything. Ask what that would be? Buy an island and donate it as a wildlife sanctuary? Buy a huge house with luxury cars and indoor pools? Travel non-stop around the world? Buy a ride to the Space Station?

Toys and Pets

If you get someone talking about things they love, it can be hard to get them to stop! Ask your partner what toys they loved as a child, and what pets they had. Learn about the things that pleased them early on in life. You start to gain a context for this person, and can relate now when he/she makes comments about the past.

Vacation of a Lifetime

Ask what the ideal vacation would be. Would it be a trip to Egypt to see the pyramids? Walking through the misty fields of Ireland? Hanging out with the stars in Hollywood? You can learn a lot about what a person hopes to become by listening to their dreams.

Good luck!

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