Handling Nervousness – Dating Tips

How do you handle it if you’re nervous when you flirt or date? Here’s some advice!

Practice, practice
Everyone is nervous the first few times they do something. Practice going on dates – even if it´s just with a friend or someone you know well. Think of how you´d act, or what you´d say, and get used to the “being out together” feeling. That way when you go on a date with someone you´re crazy about, you´ll have fewer things to worry about.

Remember, your date will be nervous too. So go somewhere FUN and comfortable. Research local dating place suggestions to find somewhere that will be easy for you both to talk, fun and relaxing.

Try to Have Fun
If you keep worrying about everything you do or say, you´ll undoubtedly make mistakes because you´ll be so wound up. Just relax and think of it as a ´practice´ – as a way to have fun. You´ll find that you *do* have fun and that everything will go much more smoothly than if you try to plan out every second.

Warning signs
Here are some red flags that should tell you to take your time. Remember, there are millions of people out there to date. As good as this person “seems”, every person is extremely complex. Trust in your feelings if something doesn’t seem right. The longer you stay, the harder it may be to escape later on, and to find someone who IS good for you.

Does it seem too good to be true?
Is there something you can´t quite put your finger on?
Do you know who this person really is?
Are they secretive or elusive regarding their past?
Have they blamed others for their problems?
Have they asked you for money or use of credit cards?
Have they given you expensive gifts early in the relationship?
Are they adamant on particular thoughts or ideas, trying to get you to change your mind?
Do they try to get you to change your way of life?

A *good* date is someone that you feel comfortable with telling ANYTHING to. He/she is NOT someone you have to “hide” things from because you’re worried what he/she might think. Also, a date that is worthwhile would never pressure you to change or to do something you feel uncomfortable with. This person should be your *best friend*, supporting you and wanting you to be yourself. Anyone who starts trying to change you is not respecting what makes you special in the first place.

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