Nicknames For Flirting With Girls

When you’re flirting with girls, it’s a great idea to call them nicknames. Everyone else in the world calls them by their proper name – Amanda or Sarah or whatever it is. By using a flirty nickname, you get a little closer. You build that special connection between you and your girl. It’s a great way to build the relationship and have some fun at the same time.

Here are a few ideas for flirtatious nicknames for the girl you’re flirting with.

* Angel Eyes – is she a sweet angel or dark angel? Only she knows!

* Cutie – it’s sweet without being too sappy

* Darling – a timeless classic which appeals to all ages

* Happy Girl – is your girl always smiling? This is the name for her!

* Honey – sweet and delicious!

* Love – this is a way to flirt with the “L” word without it seeming too serious

* Precious – as long as she isn’t hiding a golden ring, a la The Hobbit, you’re all set here!

* Pumpkin – a perennial classic. Perfect especially at Halloween

* Sunshine – this one has the advantage of having all sorts of songs written about it, too.

* Sweetheart – another classic. Plus you can buy those little hearts as a present

It’s also fun to play with her name and make up a nickname for it. Usually you can shorten a name to make it fun. Mary Jane becomes MJ. Christine becomes Chrissy. Just make sure the nickname is one they like. Sometimes people with long names like the long version and are not fond of the shortened one!

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