Flirty Names to Call Girls

A nickname is a special connection between you and that girl you’re interested in. What kinds of flirty names work best? It’s all about you and that unique relationship with your girl! Here are just a few to get your creativity flowing! Chime in with your own ideas in the comments!

* Angel / Angel Eyes
* Babe / Baby
* Cutie / Cutie-pie
* Darling
* Dreamboat
* Gorgeous
* Happy Girl
* Honey / Hon’
* Lady Luck
* Love / Lovey / Lover Girl
* Munchkin
* Precious
* Pumpkin
* Sunshine
* Sweetheart / Sweetie / Sweetums / Sweet Pea
* Tiger

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  1. Personally I like booboo. Couldn’t find that one your list :). Will try out the others tonight with my babe :)!

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